FordPro Commercial Charging Solutions Pennsylvania

FordPro Commercial Charging Solutions Pennsylvania

FordPro Commercial Charging Solutions Pennsylvania

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No matter what kind of business you have, you can trust Ford with all of your driving needs! Ford has been a great option for business owners for decades, as we offer all kinds of commercial vehicles to help your company thrive. In recent years, Ford has made a commitment to sustainability, and that’s why we offer electrified commercial vehicles like the Ford E-Transit! However, if you’ve never used an electric commercial vehicle before, then you might be unsure about how to integrate them into your business. We here at Susquehanna Ford want to make sure that all of our customers in and around the Lancaster area can easily electrify their fleet vehicles and commercial vehicles. Read on to learn about the FordPro Commercial Charging Solutions!

Where Can I Install an EV Charger?

The great thing about using FordPro Commercial Charging Solutions is that you can have the freedom to set up an EV charging station for your commercial vehicle or commercial fleet virtually anywhere you need it! The goal here is to make the charging process as simple and streamlined as possible. This means we’ll help you set up charging stations at your place of business, at home, or on-the-go using the Mobile Charging Cord! Wherever your business takes you, you can trust Ford to be there to help you recharge. You can also look for the new Ford Pro Series 2 AC Charging Station 80A, which delivers 80 amps plus a streamlined, user-friendly experience.

What are the Benefits of FordPro Commercial Charging?

There are tons of benefits to choosing Ford’s charging solutions! No matter what your charging needs may be, it’s our goal to make sure they’re properly addressed. For example, our charging devices are compatible with many different EVs, whether they are Ford-made, or from another ar make! This makes it easy for you to change up the vehicles in your fleet, or offer charging services to your fellow EV drivers. Plus, we also offer a variety of chargers that produce 40A, 80A, and more, in order to best suit your fleet vehicles. You can even access financial solutions thanks to Ford Pro FinSimple! Last but not least, you can count on expert Ford technicians to help you install and service your chargers.

Can I Access FordPro Commercial Charging Online?

Now that we’ve explained the physical in-person chargers that are available to you, it’s time to explore the other part of this story. FordPro Commercial Charging Solutions were truly designed with your convenience in mind, and that’s why there are also many services and handy tools that you can access remotely. Ford Pro Software has tons of resources for you and your EV, including stats about your fleet. You can view information such as peak charging times, the charging status of various vehicles, and more. And of course, this software is also compatible with non-Ford EVs!

Find Ford Commercial Trucks at Susquehanna Ford?

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Get in touch with us here at Susquehanna Ford to learn more about how you can access your very own FordPro Commercial Charging Solutions. We’re here to answer any questions you may have, and we’re always happy to help out our customers in and around Lancaster, Willow Street, and beyond! Plus, our dealership is home to a wide variety of both new and used Ford inventory, including commercial options like the Ford Transit and E-Transit. You can check out our inventory right here on our website, or visit us at our dealership here in Willow Street, PA to learn more. We look forward to working with you soon!

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