Ford Tire Center Lancaster PA

Ford Tire Center Lancaster PA

Ford Tire Center Lancaster PA

To stay safe and keep your vehicle running as long as possible, you should make sure your vehicle is rolling on tires in good condition. After all, a lot is riding on them. The weight of your car and everything inside relies on that small patch of rubber at each of the car’s four corners to keep us on the road. This is why it is essential to ensure they are the proper tires, inflated, in good condition, wearing correctly, and not too old.

Why is it so important to have good tire maintenance?

Tire maintenance is essential on many levels. The health of your tires can affect your Ford’s safety, efficiency, and performance. Properly inflated tires can increase your vehicle’s fuel economy. Poor tire maintenance can cause other components, such as the suspension, to fail prematurely. Plus, if you do not maintain your tires, it could lead to premature tire wear, a flat tire, or even a blowout.

Does Tire Pressure matter?

The tires on your vehicle are one of its most important safety features. When properly inflated, your tires can do the job they were designed to do, like maintain traction, absorb shocks, and provide proper steering. Plus, if they have improper pressure, they will wear out faster. It is recommended that you check your tire pressure at least once a month, but checking it every time you fill up with gas is a safer bet. Generally, they can drop one or two pounds of air per month. Just a heads up, when the temperature drops, so does your tire pressure.

Is it really necessary to rotate tires?

Yes, it is an important part of maintaining your tires’ function and keeping it aligned with the vehicle. When you do not rotate your tires, the tread can wear down unevenly to create a rough and potentially unstable driving surface. Rotation counteracts the uneven wear characteristics of each wheel position on the vehicle. When you visit Susquehanna Ford’s service department, you will receive a tire rotation with every oil change. Wheel or tire alignment will also ensure that your tires operate at their maximum potential and prevents premature wear. Also, a car out of alignment could signal other mechanical problems affecting tire performance.

The importance of tire age and tread

If you have a vehicle that is driven very little, you still need to be aware of the age of a tire.  It is recommended that you replace your tires ten years after their manufacture date. You can find out how old your tire is using the last four numbers on your tire’s DOT code found on the side of the tire. The four-digit code at the end stands for which week out of the year and which year it was manufactured. For example, a number of 1820 means the tire was made in the 18th week of 2020. For a vehicle that is driven on a regular basis, your tires will wear out at a certain point. How long this take depends on many factors, but if you think your tire tread is getting low, we here at Susquehanna are happy to take a look! If it’s time for new tires, our professional team will help you get the tires needed for your specific vehicle.

Susquehanna Ford wants to help you keep your tires happy and healthy!

Susquehanna Ford has factory-trained service technicians that will help you find the best tires for your model and at the best price. In addition, we offer Ford’s Low Price Tire Guarantee. Plus, when you visit our service center, our certified technicians will inspect the rest of your vehicle to give you a heads up of any problem that could be worse in the future. We also offer a host of other Ford service specials to help you save on the maintenance of your Ford truck or SUV and can provide you with the expertise and care your vehicle deserves. So contact Susquehanna Ford and ask to speak with one of our auto service experts. We’re here for you every step of the way!

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