Mobile Service: Glass

Mobile Service: Auto-Glass Repair, Replacement and Recalibration

Getting a new windshield or other glass fixed on your vehicle can be quite a hassle. Most times, a customer is unable to drive when there is glass damage, which is why we now offer to come to you! Our Mobile Service technicians are here to provide the most convenient service possible.

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We specialize in all aspects of auto glass repair and replacement, for all makes and models.

Here at Susquehanna Automotive, we strive to give every customer that long-lasting dealership experience. You can rest assured that a factory-trained and certified technician will be handing your auto glass repair or replacement with the same world class care that goes into everything we do.

We offer repair and replacement on all glass parts. Whether its your side view mirror, sunroof needing replaced or diagnosed for water leaks, windshield, back glass, door glass off-track or needing a regulator assembly — we can get you taken care of. We service all makes and models including heavy equipment, classic and exotic cars as well as module programming and ADAS recalibration services. There is no job too big, or too small for our team of experts to tackle.

Visual show of glass sections of vehicle that could need mobile glass repair.


We accept insurance!

Most glass damage is considered comprehensive and will not raise your premiums to use that coverage. We accept major insurance providers and can take care of everything from assisting in making the claim, completing the repair or replacement, to recalibrating your ADAS system to ensure safe operation afterwards. After installation, we will vacuum your car and clean all glass to deliver your vehicle in showroom condition.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Glass Replacement or Repair


When should I replace vs repair glass?

Most stone chips and cracks under the size of a business card can be repaired. Repair is a structural fix to the glass. Resin is injected after the break has been evacuated of air and moisture. We use state of the art tools and resins to ensure you walk away with a long lasting and crystal-clear repair. Keep in mind that with any repair there will always be a small blemish at the initial site of damage. The only way to completely erase it, is to replace it!

How long will my service take?

Here at Susquehanna Automotive we strive for perfection excellence. Most installations are completed in under 90 minutes. Additional services such as recalibration can add time to this.

Will I be able to drive right away?

We only use state of the art materials and adhesives to serve our customers. All installations are safe to drive within 45 minutes of installation. Ensuring that by the time we are done cleaning your vehicle you are safe to travel to your next destination.

Are there any special instructions for after the service?

Once we have completed the job there may be sections of transparent orange tape left on your vehicle. This tape, in most cases, is left to keep the glass from moving while the adhesive is setting or holding down garnish moldings. Please remove this tape within 24 hours. Please avoid all high-pressure car washes and mechanical vehicle lifts for 24 hours after installation.

Can you work with my insurance?

We are a part of most insurance networks. Just ask for Susquehanna Automotive when filing your claim and we can work with your insurance to restore your vehicle to Pre-loss condition. Give us a call today and allow us to help you file and schedule for service.

What about my factory seal?

This is a common misconception that breaking the factory seal on your vehicle to change the windshield could adversely affect your vehicle down the road. Rest assured, we only use the best brands endorsed by the OEM for all replacements. No corners are cut when it comes to your safety! When correctly done a windshield replacement can be better and stronger than the original!


Service Area & Hours

We are currently operating mobile service Monday-Sunday, 5:00am-5:00pm within a 25-mile radius of each dealership location. If your work or home resides in York or Lancaster County, please give us a call at 717-478-2800 to determine if we can accommodate the request.

*We operate in all weather conditions, including rain and snow. However, our technician has the final say if the service can be performed with quality and safety in mind.


Consider trying mobile service! We offer…


Time and Convenience

Waiting at the dealership (which can be a family affair) or dropping your vehicle off for service is a thing of the past. Life is busy and your free time is important. Let us help you get some of your time back!

Professional-level Service

Our dedicated mobile service team is trained on providing the same level of professional service that you expect at the dealership. They are specialized to maintain the highest quality and experience possible!

Dedicated Personnel

When our technician is at your place of business or home, you are their only customer. The appointment time is dedicated to you alone by our factory-trained mobile service technician.


Servicing your vehicle needs to be more convenient than it has in the past, and we’re doing just that.




Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost?

How much does it cost?

Our maintenance services cost the same as they do at the dealership, paired with a $20 dispatch fee to account for our travel time. However, we are currently waiving this fee!

How do I pay?

How do I pay?

Your bill will be reviewed by the technician after the work is performed. Then, it will be sent digitally for remote payment. Cash and check will not be accepted.

Does Mobile Service perform maintenance service on all makes and models?

Do you service all vehicles?

The Susquehanna Mobile Service team can now perform glass services, such as replacement, repair, and even recalibration on all makes models.


Do I need an appointment for Mobile Service?

Do I need an appointment?

All Mobile Service offerings require an appointment for retail customers. Fleets and businesses do have additional options to accommodate their business schedule.

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How do I schedule a mobile service appointment?

How do I schedule a Mobile Service appointment?

Schedule the same way you always have – via a phone call, email, or even submit and inquiry online.

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Who will be servicing my vehicle?

Who will be servicing my vehicle?

Susquehanna Mobile Service has a dedicated team, all of which are factory-trained technicians. They are dedicated to only you during your appointment time, and understand what it takes to provide you with world-class vehicle service at your doorstep.



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